Can you really get your five-a-day from CANAPES?

Can three canapés and a boozy fruit drink provide all the goodness of ‘five-a-day’ fruits and vegetables without the need to prep, cook, or even sit down to eat? According to an article in the Daily Mail, this has been in high demand during London’s fashion week.

One of the canapes is the sweet Potato Rosti, Green Pea Humus and Quails Egg - a classic flavour combination full of fibre and a fantastic source of energy

These delicious canapés were created with a team of home economists to help the ‘fashion weak’ at fashion week! Imagine if food was created to provide the highest nutritional value with every single bite. Forget platefuls of food and instead think one bite for breakfast, one bite for lunch and the third for dinner. It would certainly help those people who would rather not eat! Luckily, having written a canapé book, I know exactly how EASY it is to get fresh fruit and vegetables into these small bitesize healthy nibbles.

Would I limit my intake to three canapés and a fruit drink, especially when they are so good for you? No chance!

The Asian Style Beef Carpaccio  is full of vitamins and antioxidants from ingredients like ginger, mango and chilli




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