How fruity are you?

Only 25% of us eat the required amount of fruit and veg per day. I recently overheard someone on the train chatting to his mother and insisting that the two slivers of cucumber in his tuna mayo sandwich was ‘at least’ a portion of vegetables. Luckily his mum had more sense.

So, how can we eat more fruit and vegetables?
It’s not as tricky as you might think. Firstly, spice up your intake – literally. Using more spices and being creative will make a seemingly bland dish incredibly tasty – look at the humble chickpea. Add Tahini, lemon and seasoning and hey presto, it’s the creamy, yummy humous that you can find everywhere. I also make a big point of adding vegetables to my poached eggs on toast combo. Try eating it with sliced avocado. It’s delicious. As for fruit – add sliced apples and pears to your porridge.


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