Lovely to meet you

Chantal cooking

Chantal cooking

Welcome to my kitchen.
It’s a homely place with brimming cupboards and a constant source of freshly brewed tea in oversized mugs, that can only be held with two hands. I love food. I enjoy thinking about it, preparing it and eating with loved ones. I’ll happily share the good times, the triumphs, the tasty tit-bits and the adventure of my alchemy on this blog. Hopefully it will inspire you to explore the culinary world within our reach.

From city banker to cook
I’ll tell you something few people know – I’m fairly new to this cooking mischief. Five years ago, when I worked in the City, I would avoid the kitchen at all costs. I LOVED food but cooking it – well, let’s just say there were always other people close to hand who seemed better, faster and had a natural flair. The turning point came silently and like a thunderbolt, it transformed my way of thinking and prompted me to train formally and set up my own catering company. Nothing is more exciting than a new recipe or a different way of thinking about ingredients.

Put your apron on
I’m hooked. I’m sold. I’m all-in! There is room for all of us out there – from the Michelin starred chef, to the novice cook. So, now that we have the formalities out the way and ‘yes, it is lovely to meet you…’ we  had better get cracking, we have a blog to cook!




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